Selling Your Nyack House Now Instead Of In The Spring

Dated: 12/01/2017

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It is a question that Realtors get all the time: What's the best time to put my house on the market? And it doesn't matter if the house is in Nyack, Piermont, Palisades, Garnerville, Suffern, or elsewhere in Rockland County. 

While many believe that the spring market is the best time to get your house sold, there are many benefits to a fall/winter listing, particularly with the low (really low) inventory of homes available to purchase. Choosing to sell your home in the fall and winter months brings these benefits:

1. The serious buyers are the ones that are out looking. With all the distractions of the seasons (holidays, cooking, baking, decorating, family, gift-buying, etc.) taking a few hours out of the schedule to go look at houses means that the buyer is ready to make a decision and a purchase

2. Fewer houses on the market means less competition for your house. During the spring market, there are more For Sale signs in any given neighborhood than during the fall and winter. The fewer homes on the market during these months means buyers are much more likely to look at your house.

3. The great agents are always up to meeting the opportunity to sell your house. Full time agents work all year round and are ready to market your house any time.

4. Mortgage rates continue to be relatively low. But, expectations are that the spring will bring higher interest rates, and therefore, reduce the number of people who can qualify for a mortgage to purchase your house. That translates to less demand for your house (fewer buyers qualified at your price = less demand for your house) and could end up costing you $$ in the sale price.

5. The Holidays: staging your house for sale during the holiday season can be a challenge, but it can also be as simple as decluttering, minimizing, adding delicate scents of the season, and doing your normal decorating. As always, it is critical that your house be "neat as a pin" (my Grandmother's phrase) for any and all showings. We want to make the best possible first impression! 

6. Quicker process. During the heyday of the spring market sales, everyone is going crazy with the numbers of transactions they are working on. That includes mortgage lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors. A delay anywhere along the timeline of getting from accepted offer to closing, affects all the following steps and the timing thereof. Selling when it isn't quite as crazed promotes a more "peaceful" transaction for you, the seller. 

So, if you are considering selling your house, please give me a call to discuss how and when to get started! 

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Diane Mitchell

I am a Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker and work full time helping people to achieve their dreams of home ownership or their dreams of selling their home or both. I love working with buyers and s....

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