Nyack Is Tag Sale Perfection

Dated: July 26 2011

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If you live in Nyack it's a fantastic locale to stage a tag sale because there's so much foot traffic and lots of "out-of-towners" driving around this fun old village. Every weekend there are signs all over the village hyping great buys. If you want to plan a sale, here are a few tips from a friend of mine who's had a tag sale business for many years.... * Large furniture pieces are hard to sell, due to the transport issues and important concerns like "will it fit through the front door?" So if you decide to sell them, don't expect to get anything close to what you paid for them yourself. * If you can include some "tools" in your ad or your signs, you'll tap into a stream of male buyers who wouldn't look once at your housewares! * Antique pieces will only bring decent offers from dealers who browse the sales and they'll look for items that can be carried out to their cars, not big pieces that will take up valuable space in their shops. * Think small and easy to transport....housewares, decor items, gifts you don't want to keep,costume jewelry, books, tools, toys,etc. * Be prepared to deal with persistent bargain-hunters who want to" get something for next to nothing." * Unless you know the buyer, DON'T accept checks. * When pricing, keep in mind that you will need to make drastic cuts late in the day (or on the second day of a weekend sale). * Once you decide to sell something, consider it gone, Don't try to hold on to it by refusing to cut your price by a few dollars. Good luck with your sale....and if you're not holding one, get out there and buy stuff!
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