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Dated: March 26 2011

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"There is more talent in one square mile in Nyack than in the rest of the world" was the favorite quote of the evening. Wow! Everyone had a great time tonight at Parents that Rock, a multi-generation event. What a great way to spend the evening with friends and family. The line-up included Rita Harvey, Jackie Quinn, the Malino Family, Greg and Grace Rosner, the Graham Family, Julie Wendholt, Chris Yates of Santi Yates Music in Nyack, Steve Williamson, Jill Williamson, Susan Wilmink, Liz Ko, Lezlee Peterzell, SmartBunny and of course, the student favorite, Mr Yankou, music teacher at Upper Nyack Elementary School. And in between each musical act were Amazing Grace Circus acts --- large choreographed numbers, jugglers, dancing with streamers, acrobatic acts, comedic acts -- the troupe was incredibly professional and simply beautiful. The event flowed smoothly largely due to their acts allowing for time behind the curtain to set the stage for the next musician(s). And the whole time on the right side of the stage, Andy Golub had set up a trio of canvases and was creating 3 of his sought after performance-art paintings. All 3 were auctioned to benefit the Upper Nyack PTA. Of course, it wouldn't be an event without great food --- some donated by Golden Mushroom in Upper Nyack and some by Pizza Bistro in South Nyack. We also had great pulled pork sliders, grilled chicken Caesar salad, and shrimp cocktail. The concession stand was run by 3rd - 5th graders with a lot of help from a local Nyack girl scout troop. And a school Alumni, Henry Du Beau held the cashier position -- could not of done it without him! Everyone who wanted a part tonight had one. Whether it was lighting, sound, filming, curtains, stage crew, selling t-shirts, playing music as guests walked in...everyone was included. But one of the biggest joys was taking in the expressions and reactions in the audience...the little boy who couldn't understand how that cigar box was floating in the air, the Schneck family giggling as they watched the Abbott and Costello "Who's on First" routine, one of the young girl dancing in her seat, children sitting on their grandparent's laps watching in awe, others hooting and hollering for their best friend's dad. How fabulous it is that the arts are valued in our community and the Nyack School District. The audience tonight saw musical performances in many genres, Andy Golub -- live on stage performance art, and circus arts all in under 2 hours. Amazing! Below is a video of the finale, "With a Little Help by my Friends" -- sung by all the performers, stage crew, cafe workers, etc. Enjoy!
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