Not Scratching An Itch In Valley Cottage

Dated: August 15 2014

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I got bit twice on my knuckle by an insect in my Clarkstown backyard this week. I have never seen a bug such as this. Tiny, wingless, legless, almost clear beige and mostly like something out of “Men in Black”. My Google searches have all failed to identify the parasite. I wound up with two nodules under my skin that itched worse than any bug bite I have experienced in over 50 years of Rockland County, NY living. All the drug store remedies I tried like cortisone, alcohol, and Caladryl had zero effect on the itch, so I turned to the internet for help. As strange as it may seem, the following totally relived the itch. First I rubbed a Tums antacid over the bite while running it under the hottest water I could stand for a few minutes…instant relief. Then a few hours later, even though the itch had barely returned, I ran my wife’s blow dryer (well it couldn’t be mine) on my hand until the point of pain for several minutes. I am writing this now with NO itch at all. Who wouldda thunk!!!!
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Paul Bambara

My love of the real estate business began when I first started investing in residential and commercial properties in 1982. I found that my life-long residency of Rockland County, my eight years on the....

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