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Dated: December 29 2013

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Lynne Aubrey, proprietoress of Aubrey Flowers and Goods in Piermont, NY sells extraordinarily beautiful objects d'art, and other most useful items for the garden and the house. I adore her store. It is like stepping into a little bit of France. Who needs a vacation when you can just go to Lynne's store and sniff the wonderful smells- lavender and eucalyptus, triple milled french soaps and all sorts of lip balms, lotions and body butters etc.. and  also great stuff from the Soap and Paper Factory- LOCAL. She sells potted blooming Amarylis, gorgeous little Topiaries and the loveliest Orchids ever! Oh and her bouquets are magnificent. She has very unusual flowers and she is known far and wide for the perfection of her Bridal  work  and all manner of blooms and bouquets for festive, joyful occassions. But what I want to get to are her Narcissus bulbs which she has been selling since day one.

Some little bits and pieces of facts just FYI from- where else?- Wikipedia. The derivation of the Latin narcissus is unknown. It may be on loan from some other altogether different language.. It is frequently linked to the Greek myth of Narcissus who was so enamored and enchanted by his own reflection, that, unable to tear himself away, he died of starvation and thirst. In any version put forth, the narcissus plant sprang forth from the very spot where he died. Although some versions have it that the narcissus plant was already there and when the gentleman--OK a young lad-swooned with weakness, fell into the water and drowned, he was then named Narcissus after the already flowering plant which grew there in great profusion. And with a truly heady, intoxicating scent! Various common names include daffodil, narcissus and jonquil. 
Pliny wrote that the plant was named for it's narcotic properties (vapkaw narkao, "I grow numb".) There must be some truth to this as the narcissus is rather toxic- mostly the bulb but also in the leaves.( In the varieties which have leaves.) The alkaloid poison is lycorine. So if you have pets who like to investigate new things in the house, do not let them near to the narcissus. You don't want an emergency trip to the Vets.  On May 1, 2009, a number of school children fell ill at Gorseland Primary School in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England after a daffodil bulb was added to soup during a cookery class. The bulbs could often be confused with onions, thereby leading to incidents of accidental poisoning. However, in the ancient traditional Japanese medicine of kampo, wounds were treated with narcissus root and wheat flour paste. And daffodils are grown commercially near Brecon in Powys, Wales to produce galantamine, a drug used to combat Alzheimer's Disease
Narcissus grow from pale brown-skinned spherical bulbs with pronounced necks and no leaves. Each bulb can produce between one and twenty blooms which are particularly lovely and have, I think, a scent which is amazingly beautiful. Over 140 varieties of Narcissus have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. If you feel like you must force some blooms, go to Aubrey Flowers and get the low-down on the Narcissus and on how to grow them indoors pre-spring.Enjoy.         
The narcissus is perceived in the West as a symbol of vanity, in the East as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. The narcissus is the national flower symbolising the New Year or Newroz in the Kurdish Culture. If the narcissus blooms on the Chinese New Year, it is said to bring extra wealth and good fortune throughout the year. It's sweet fragrances are highly revered in Chinese Culture. The Daffodil is the national flower of Wales- of course.. In classical Persian literature, the narcissus is a symbol of beautiful eyes. And finally, the Narcissus Tazetta is a protected flower in Israel.
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