Mothers Day In New City

Dated: May 7 2013

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This morning, on the ride to school, my daughter asked if Mother's Day is this Sunday.  I replied that it was and she said I still didn't buy you a gift but I made you something. I assured her that was more than fine and reminded her how much I love homemade gifts and cards.  As I drove away, I began to think of what I really want from my kids for Mother's Day.  At the risk of sounding really corny, here goes:

I want my kids to be happy and healthy.  I want them to be ethical and moral now, and for their whole lives.  I want them to be nice to everyone, even the times when that can be really difficult.  I want them to do well in school and strive to be the best they can--without getting stressed about it.  I want them to have jobs they really love to do.  I want them to be well rounded independent thinkers, and never follow the crowd--at any age.  I want them to love me even when they are teenagers (they claim now that they will!).  I want them to respect their country, and fully understand how lucky we are to live in America.  I want them to know the names of all our states, their capital cities and how to correctly spell them (yes, for real).  I want them to always try to make good choices and do the right thing in any situation.  I want them to be safe drivers and respect the rules of the road.  I just want them to be everything they want to be.  I will continue to guide them to try to make sure these things happen as best I can.  If I get really close, that's my lifelong Mother's Day gift.  Really, it's a gift for every day.

Oh, and speaking of gifts, that shiny new black Maserati wouldn't hurt either...just thought I'd give it a shot.

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