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Henri Matisse- The Cut- Outs- opens today, Sunday October 12, 2014 and will be up until February 8, 2015. This exhibition could be the long waited for sequel to the large Matisse retrospective presented in 1951-1952, curated by MOMA founding director and Matisse biographer Alfred H. Barr Jr. The Swimming Pool, accquired by MOMA in 1975 is finally coming back to roost and will be on view after a four year hiatus during which badly discolored parts have been restored. And this work has been pinned to new panels just above head level which, according to Conservator Karl Bachberg, who is also the curator for this exhibit, will seek to evoke in viewers the feeling of being surrounded on all sides by the pieces and return to the work a bit of liveliness". This work has not been seen for over twenty years.
This exhibition has travelled here from the Tate Modern where it closed last month. It had been one of the most successful shows ever, bringing in throngs  and masses of appreciative lookers -over 560,000 people in it's five month run there. These Cut-Outs, over 100 of them, were produced by Henri Matisse during his last decade or so while he was struggling with illness, with cancer and with death looming on the not so distant horizon. So beautiful and elegant, they vibrate with complete happiness and love.
The Cut-Outs, for instance The Dancers, express such joy in life and of life that I feel like dancing for joy myself. Henri Matisse was a remarkable colorist and a great draughtsman and had the fantastic and unique ability to unite, to organize color and line into an expression of pure delight with the human form as his "Blue Nude" series so magnificently show.
From The Oxford University Press @ 2009;
-French painter, draughtsman, printmaker, designer and writer. He came to art comparatively late in life and made his reputation as the principal protaganist of Fauvism, the first avant-guarde movement at the turn of the century. He went on to develop a monumental decorative art, which was  innovative both in it's treatment of the human figure and in the constructive and expressive role accorded to color. His long career culminated in a highly original series of work made of paper cut-outs, which confirmed his reputation, with Picasso, as one of the major artists of the 20th century.- 
Picasso and his Blue Period can temporarily move aside while I fall in love all over again with Matisse's Blue Nudes. It's time for me to get out my colored paper, my scissors, glue stick and channel my inner Matisse. Joy and delight. I will lose myself in time and space- in light, color and design. I will throw the pieces up in the air, let the chips fall where they may, and with a little nudging and fussing I might be able to create some happy little masterpieces myself.
Make sure not to miss this. It could be the only opportunity to see such a complete show here in NYC. I think that MOMA is selling/scheduling timed tickets ONLY for this particular exhibition. The last New York show on this massive scale was in 1961- also at MOMA in an exhibition called- The Last Works of Henri Matisse: Large Cut Gouaches, organized by Monroe Wheeler. In his catalogue essay, he writes- These brilliantly painted and cutout gouaches epitomize Matisse's art in his most exuberant and felicitous vein-.
Some of this material gleaned from MOMA INSIDE OUT- posted by Samantha Friedman, Assistant Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints. Matisse's Cut-Outs at MOMA: A Look Back. Sept. 24th, 2014 I Artists, Collection and Exhibitions. The Wall Street Journal= Arts and Entertainment, Speakeasy.  Jenny Che, Matisse Cut-Out Show at MOMA to Include The Swimming Pool. Oct. 7th, 2014
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