Is Summer Already Slipping Away

Dated: August 23 2014

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Today it kind of feels like the end of summer is right around the corner. And for the past couple of nights it has been perfect sleeping weather in Nyack, in my little part of the world. So perfect in fact, that I have hardly wanted to bounce out of bed in the mornings- it's too cozy. But then... through the fog of waking up, I remember that if it had been perfect sleeping weather, it will most likely be perfect walking weather for the Piermont Pier. I try to walk it every day, rain or shine- sort of like the USPS. You know, neither rain nor shine, nor sleet nor snow etc...
Well, we have been have some spectacular sunsets of late too. The sun sets ever earlier these days, around 7:30 to 8:00 pmish and the "end of the summer" evening noises get louder and louder. These noises will reach such a fevered cacaphonic pitch at such a high decible level that I will find a pair of ear plugs to be quite in order. As much as I love the beautiful sounds of the natural world at night, it can be rather distracting.
We have been having and I have been enjoying some spectacular sunsets lately as well. The displays of colors, violent mauves and purples, tangerine and dark pink swirled together and incredible cloud formations are pure unadulterated pleasure. And the dawning of day holds no disappointment for me either. The palest of pale blue hues with an icy glow, delicate violets and the saffron sun rising over the Hudson River. Oh, it is so beautiful it makes my heart ache and I think of local artist Frances Wells and her stunning Hudson Riverscapes and Landscape paintings which I adore. And "The rosy  fingers of dawn" Ulysses speaks of constantly in The Odyssey by James Joyce are truly lovely to bear witness to, they rouse me from my tousled sleep and beckon me forth into the busyness of day.
So I am out and about- or oot and aboot as (they) say in Ireland, doing all of the Real Estate stuff that I do. Maybe I will bump into you! Who Knows?
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