Imran Qureshi Miniatures And The Roof Garden Commissionn

Dated: October 20 2013

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This is the first large scale installation in the United States  by the artist Imran Qureshi (born 1972, Hyderabad, Pakistan). In the spills of paint are the inspiration  he uses to create the lush patterns in the detailed works on paper that he makes in the style of the miniaturists who worked for the Mughal Court (1526-1857). Imran Qureshi always finds room for experimentation although he works primarily within the confines of this ancient discipline. In these exquisite miniatures he pairs intricately detailed landscape with figures in modern day garb, images of contemporary life in Pakistan and even portraits of himself at work. For Imran Qureshi, miniatures remain the perfect vehicle for conveying complex political references within the parameters of their small scale and highly refined imagery. What was true for the Mughals then, is true for this artist now.
Imran Qureshi's artwork has traveled from the boundaries of the page and into site specific architectural environments. Flooding his chosen site with acrylic paint, he works the paint into thickets of highly stylized ornamental leaves with foliate patterns reminding the viewer of the most ubiquitous subject in historic miniatures- the luxuriant walled gardens of the Mughals. In The Roof Garden, the blooms created here by Imran Qureshi echo the verdant foliage of Central Park- a green space conceived in the 19th Century to function as a site of respite and tranquility in an often chaotic, cacophonous living organism- the city.     
In response to the brutal never ceasing bombings in Lahore, Imran Qureshi began using a lot of red acrylic in his installations. While so many of the worlds citizens have become accustomed to the almost daily attacks on their streets, such cruelty striking so close to home has provoked a deep response in his work. * Yes, these forms stem from the effects of violence* he said of his visceral blooms of paint. *They are mingled with the color of blood, but at the same time, this is where a dialogue with life, with new beginnings and fresh hope starts*  Given the devastating recent events  in Boston, Qureshi's theme of tragedy giving rise to a blossoming of new growth is all the more poignant as a message of recovery and regeneration*.          
This exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art is made possible by Bloomberg. Additional support is provided by Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon B. Polsky. In conjunction with the exhibition THE ROOF GARDEN COMMISSION: IMRAN QURESHI,  on view May 14, 2013 until November 3, 2013 (weather permitting) a video features time-lapse photography documenting the installation of the work, as well as the artist's commentary about the project. Of course, at all times, one may view the astonishingly beautiful Imran Qureshi Persian  miniatures inside The Metropolitan. They are hung at eye level when sitting down  on the most beautiful elegantly understated simple wood benches.
And nothing could be better after seeing and somehow integrating all of this beauty  except going to ROBERT, the restaurant at 2 Columbus Circle at the MAD (Museum of Art and Design), overlooking Central Park West. They get everything right- every time! The atmosphere, the ambience, the staff and service and the FOOD! So delicious. I, of course, had to have one of my favorite meals- appetizers from their lunch menu-. Fennel Soup with roasted fennel and onions, potatoes and goat cheese ravioli- only $10.00 and their Beet and Carrot Salad with ginger goat cheese for $17.00 Stuffed to the gills with fine food indeed, my very spirit and soul saturated with art and emotion, I've made a decision to attempt NYC twice a month to get my hit, my fix, of culture. Lately, it seems that I can not get enough of it and although the drive in can be challenging at times, I always find that my hope for human-kind finds it's way back to me while steeped in the magnificent beauty of the world of art. And I find myself. 
Once again, many of our public Libraries have day passes to be used at various Museums. The Met is one  of those, but planning and calling the Libraries in advance is crucial to  experiencing a successful trip into the city. And these passes must be returned promptly as other people need them as well.
Please find the Metropolitan Museum Of Art on line for more information. It is where I got most of the information to share with you. But as I wrote before, it was wonderful, inspiring and humbling to sit on the little wooden benches and see the seven remarkable miniatures. The miniatures and THE ROOF GARDEN COMMISSION is an experience which will stay with me forever and which will inform me as I continue to learn more and more about the world and about myself.
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