Icicles On Your Home Not So Pretty

Dated: March 3 2015

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Icicles…. They may look beautiful hanging from the eaves of your home but those beauties could be costly. Snow covered roofs and freezing conditions that cause icicles to form also lead to ice dams. Ice dams are thick heavy ridges of solid ice that build up at the eaves. They can loosen shingles, tear off gutters, and when the ice begins to melt they can cause water to back up and pour into your home at the point of least resistance. It may be a window frame, hip roof or the water may just follow a route along your homes framing and exit thru a ceiling light fixture. The results are not pretty when this happens, peeling paint, warped floors and sagging ceilings. Also beware of soggy insulation in the attic that may produce mold and mildew.

Possible Fixes

Pull the snow off the roof with a long handled aluminum rake, be sure to be standing safely on the ground. Rakes with wheels are best, as they won’t harm the roof.

If the roof is actively leaking, you can quickly stop the leak by aiming cold air at the eaves from inside the attic with a box fan. The cold air should quickly freeze water.

DON’T hack at the ice dams with a hammer, chisel or shovel, it may damage your roof.

DON’T throw salt on ice dams it will do more harm to your plantings than the ice.

DO call a professional roofer or contractor to remove snow and ice from the roof.

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