Hooked on the Hook The Pier And Tallman

Dated: September 29 2012

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When you see me (still) all in black flapping along on the Piermont Pier, it might look as if I am only meandering, but my pulse rate tells a different story: that I am in the midst of a pretty serious power walk. The Pier is one of my favorite places in the world to walk-well at least in Rockland County. I love how flat it is and the sound of the reeds rustling in the wind. I even love low tide and the attendant rotten pogi smell and how mucky and gritty the little accidental curved beaches become. I enjoy seeing the kyackers kyacking, the ducks bobbing and quacking and the ever determined rowers skulling to the beat of invisible drums and hearing the wind driven voices of the cox-swains coxing. And I must admit that an occasional small but lovely piece of driftwood comes back with me to adorn my home. It is that time of year when I like to bring the outside in and, incidentally, shop at The Outside In on Ferdon Avenue in Piermont. Really one of my favorite little stores anywhere. 

I am eventually going to be working my way towards what will be a staggeringly slow shuffle up the winding walk ways and hilly paths of Tallman Mountain State Park in Sparkill, NY. It has been a long time (years really) since I've walked there. It is a challenge I've set for myself and one which I shall be eager and grateful to meet by sometime next year. But for the remainder of this year, I will be going full out flat at the Piermont Pier and also at the walking path along the Hudson River at Hook Mountain in Nyack. The views from the paths are always inspiring.

All of this brings to mind the lush little oil paintings of Frances Wells, who's work really epitomizes all that is beautiful and profound surrounding and including this most magnificent Hudson River. Frances celebrates the Hudson River and Valley with each and every thoughtfully, well constructed brush stroke. Her small works create a much needed and welcome sense of intimacy and respite, always and ever drawing the viewer into a small and very magical world. Replete with beautiful colors, quality of line, substantive and tranquil design, her oil paintings glow gently with a unique and most special sense of light. Her small works are imbued with emotion, saturated with feeling and an absolute delight to become lost in. Frances  creates small art with a huge sense of scope, a huge sense of space and a kind of wonderfully grand  sense of time going by so slowly it practically stands still. And don't we all need to be slowed down just a bit?

If you live in this area, or even if you don't but would like to bring a little bit of the Hudson River home with you, The Outside In in Piermont (1-845-398-0706) represents Frances Wells and sells her small works AND some of her larger paintings as well. And Bonnie Chapin at Abigail Rose and Lily Too the clothing and accessories boutique in Piermont (1-845-359-4649)  has carried her paintings for many years as well. I personally covet her work and I know that you will too once you've experienced the charm and sweetness of a Frances Wells painting.  

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