Hear The Wind Blow Dear

Dated: February 26 2012

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The crazy weather (read Global Warming!) seems to embody the mercurial, fun loving spirit of Gemini. Playful and ever-changing-eternally engaged in Kerry flip flops, the astrological sign of Gemini and those born under it, is bound to confound and confuse.

Here in the sleepy rivertown of Nyack, we don't know if we are up or down, inside or out, hot or cold. Having let my guard down yesterday after a not so difficult winter (so far), I found myself shivering, teeth chattering and not at all appropriately dressed for the ice cold flurries which descended without warning. I only hope that the dear little crocuses, tulips and snow drops which were making a brave and early showing, survived. I could hear the wind blow- all night long and hardly slept a wink!   This morning, the deck was a mess of overturned flower urns and tumbled about chairs- Oh the poltergeists had some serious fun last night! (I ought to have lashed everything on the deck down tight last night before attempting sleep).

Looking out of the office window right now, it is pretty enough outside- actually picture perfect, rather chilly still, but sunlight bright. I am glad to be in my cozy office here at Wright Brothers Real Estate on the sunny side of the street, South Broadway in Nyack. I might however, be needing my late afternoon caffeine fix earlier in the day than usual! You know- that wink I missed last night!     

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