Harbors at Haverstraw October Update

Dated: October 25 2011

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Good afternoon everybody!  How are you today?

Well, now that the Parkside building is nearing completion & over 50% occupancy, its time to start thinking about the future of the Harbors at Haverstraw, the place that I have called home since 2006, the place I met the love of my life and had my first child!  

The word here is that after the Parkside is completed and filled, the Riverside building will be built at the southern end of the development.  A 4 story building that will be around 100 units it will also reportedly feature a new infinity pool Riverside on the Hudson.  That story remains to be written, we'll see what happens.  My opinion is that any progress, where housing is being built and needs are being met is good in the world we live in.  

With all that said, check out the deals you can get in the most beautiful place on either side of the Hudson, North and South combined!  If you want to see any re-sale units to BUY or rent...let me know...aaaannnnnnddddddd here weeee go.

And here is your October update for all things real estate related at The Harbors at Haverstraw.

2 Homes Under Contract - Nothing new

3214 Leeward Drive - Studio w/alcove in Bayside - MY LISTING!!! ONLY 49 DAYS TO GET UNDER CONTRACT!!!  Closing soon, stay tuned....

1118 Round Pointe - 2 bed/2 bath with balcony sotutherly views listing price $319,000 this is another short sale, I'll let you know when it sells. 

No closing in past month - (5 closing in the past 6 months) 

4 New Listings - (3 condos , 1 townhome)

1119 Round Pointe Drive for $374,900 - Clubhouse 1st floor with balcony facing south

1204 Round Pointe Drive for $335,000 - Clubhouse 2nd floor facing Hi-Tor Mountain

1218 Round Pointe Drive for $310,000 - Clubhouse 2nd floor southerly view, as well.

12 Leeward Drive for $300,000 - 5 level Gabriel Townhouse, southerly view  

6 Price Reductions!!! Lets make a deal?

6 Lagoon Lane down $15,000 to $650,000 - 2 redux in less than 2 months

22 Leeward Drive down  $21,000 to $299,000 - 2 redux in less than 2 months

1222 Round Pointe down $10,000 to $290,000 - 1st reduction since May 20th, 2011

1206 Round Pointe down $10,000 to $254,900 - 3 price redux in less than 3 months

1113 Round Pointe down  $25,000 to $250,000 - 4 price redux since mid-June 2011

1102 Round Pointe down $35,001 to $199,999 - 1st price redux since listed in March 2011 

For Sale at the Harbors at Haverstraw - 27 Homes (14 Town homes , 13 condos)

1 Edgewater Lane - $799,000 - 3 bed/3.2 bath/3200 sq. ft./taxes $23,811/cc $435

35 Bridge Lane - $650,000 - 3 bed/3.1 bath/2642 sq. ft./taxes $13,984/cc $356

6 Lagoon Lane - $650,000 - 2 bed/2.1 bath/2306 sq. ft./taxes $18,191/cc $330

28 Bridge Lane - $625,000 - 3 bed/3.1 bath/2520 sq. ft./taxes $17,573/cc $360

34 Bridge Lane - $599,900 - 2 bed/2.2 bath/2307 sq. ft./taxes $14,457/cc $312 

5 Edgewater Lane - $575,000 - 2 bed/2.1 bath/2360 sq. ft./taxes $17,937/cc $325

1 Harbor Pointe - $565,000 - 3 bed/2.2 bath/2307 sq. ft./taxes $14,243/cc $340

22 Lagoon Lane - $549,000 - 3 bed/3.1 bath/2600 sq. ft./taxes CALL ME/cc $CALL ME 

7 Harbor Pointe-$545,000 - 3 bed/3.1 bath/2520 sq. ft./taxes $15,150/cc $357

1217 Round Pointe-$449,000- 2 bed/2 bath/1274 sq. ft./taxes $9,206/cc $393

22 Harbor Pointe - $419,000 - 3 bed/2.1 bath/2105 sq. ft./taxes/cc $305

3110 Leeward Dr-$399,999- 2 bed/ 2 bath/1352 sq. ft./taxes $8,040/cc $383

26 Harbor Pointe-$399,900- 2 bed/2.1 bath/2326 sq. ft./taxes $12,140/cc $350

26 Lagoon Lane-$390,000-2 bed/2.1 bath/2306 sq. ft./taxes $call me/cc $330 

1119 Round Pointe-$374,900-2bed/2.1bath/+balcony/1358 sq. ft./taxes $9,800/cc $420

1412 Round Pointe-$370,000-2 bed/2 bath/loft/ 1520 sq. ft./taxes $9,250/cc $450

1204 Round Pointe-$335,000-2 bed/2 bath/1263 sq. ft./taxes not listed/cc not listed

1218 Round Pointe-$310,000 2 bed/2 bath/1274 sq. ft./taxes $9,735/cc $394

12 Leeward Drive- $300,000 3 bed/3.1 bath/2642 sq. ft./taxes $15,225/cc $378

1301 Round Pointe-$299,900-2 bed/2 bath/den/1426 sq. ft./taxes $9,869/cc $425

22 Leeward Drive - $299,000-2 bed/2.2 bath/2105 sq. ft./taxes $12,570/cc $301

1222 Round Pointe-$290,000-2bed-2 bath/1325 sq. ft./taxes $11,663/cc $410

3306 Leeward Dr-$255,000-1 bed/1 bath/906 sq. ft./taxes $7,985/cc $282

1206 Round Pointe- $254,900-2bed/2bath/1341 sq. ft./taxes $8,500/cc $415

1113 Round Pointe-$250,000-2 bed/2 bath/1311 sq. ft./taxes $8,185/cc $406

1102 Round Pointe-$199,999-1 bed/1 bath/taxes $6,394/cc $273

1105 Round Pointe-$150,000-Studio/1 bath/600 sq. ft./taxes $6,202/cc $274

Until next time...

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