Great Auto Mechanic In Nyack

Dated: December 26 2013

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There is a truly great auto mechanic in Nyack. His name is Kevin, and his shop is called Kevin’s Ace Repairs.  Actually I have never asked him where the Ace comes from. Will have to inquire on next visit.  Kevin has been taking care of our various cars for over 20 years.  From our 1988 Ford Bronco, Volkswagen Jetta and Passat  to our Volvo SUV we have never thought to go anywhere else.  A story my husband likes to tell which describes Kevin takes place about 20 years ago. My husband worked in Clifton, NJ at the time, and he was driving back to Nyack on the Garden State Parkway in a snowstorm. He put the car in 4 wheel dive, and it started making a horrendous noise. He was tempted to pull over, but he decided to slowly make his way home. He made it to Kevin’s shop in Nyack, and Kevin said he would check it out and to come by the following day. My husband stopped up the following day and Kevin said “all fixed”. Knowing that it was a 4 wheel drive problem and fearing the worst my husband asked how much he owed thinking in the vicinity of $1000-$2000. Kevin said the damage was $10. He had seen that the 4 wheel drive had not completely locked in, and had put the car in reverse and hit the gas hard which allowed the car to go into 4 wheel drive . I really don’t have to mention all the disreputable mechanic horror stories here, but over the years we have always seen Kevin as friend and car doctor who never over- prescribes. He is very patient in explaining your options and always has a smile for his customers. We are very lucky to have a great auto mechanic like Kevin in Nyack.
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