Frances Wells Harvest Moon

Dated: September 28 2013

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My friend, the artist Frances Wells, is a person I can talk about endlessly and promote to my hearts desire. Simply put, I love her work. The Piermont Straus Gallery and Bookstore in Piermont is currently having an exhibition of her work which will be on view Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am - 7 pm through November 8, 2013. The opening reception was a spectacular success, absolutely jammed with people. It was a mad crush, so jammed in fact that I think it was mostly about the huge wheel of some delicious hard Italian cheese, fantastic bread, lovely wines and the most darling petit fours I have ever seen! Quite elegant and supremely satisfying. The owner of the gallery was dressed to the hilt  in a golden flocked kind of 50's strapless, full-skirted, sexy, glamorous dress. She was gorgeous and gracious to everyone.This is a very special gallery space AND Bookstore with rather extraordinary books for sale and objects d'art. It felt wonderful to be at an opening with Frances Wells there to greet all of her fans in such style!
Frances Wells has lived on and painted the Hudson for the last twenty years. Like the Hudson River School painters, she is captivated by the beauty and the luminosity of the river and it's valley- her words! Her work, which has been shown in Manhattan, Rockland, Westchester Counties, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Washington and Missouri, resides in over five hundred private collections throughout the United States, Canada and the British Isles.
It is impossible to separate the person Frances Wells from the artist Frances Wells. They are one and the same. She paints with such integrity, with such a deep and sure touch to what she knows that I, looking at her work, can not help but be pulled into her beautiful world and see through her artists eyes and feel her heart-  full to overflowing with the love , commitment and respect she has for the Hudson River, it's valleys, it's myriad views and moods. She captures the cool pale blue light of dawn, the violet beginnings of the day and the "rosy fingers of dawn" which is spoken of many times in Homer's "The Oddessy." The marshes with their twists and turns, with their rustling of reeds, the lovely bird calls. The Hook,and Tallman and far beyond the Bridge. The natural world in all of it's magnificent, blissful being. The Hudson in it's many moods, muddy and brown sometimes churned up and frothy, not often flat and still. And the light, the beautiful light- ever changing and mercurial from one moment to the next-like a bratty Gemini.  From the delicate (sometimes) dawn to glowing dusk, through the deepening twilight and into the dark hours of the night, Frances is busy observing, noting every little nuance and recording with paint her very personal association with her subject. Frances puts it all down in such an accessible way and , when you come right down to it, an affordable price. Certainly the large pieces go for much more, as well they should- but, with a little saving and planning and budgeting, a person really could afford to have a  wonderful little piece of the Hudson River and it's environs to enjoy for years and years.  Her artwork makes me feel so good. I think it will make you feel good too! So, if you have the opportunity get to The Straus Gallery and Bookstore at 10 Roundhouse Road, Piermont, New York, 10968. Telephone # 1-845-459-3124.  piermont
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