First Step To Smartening Up Your Home

Dated: July 29 2016

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Image titleSo I recently took the plunge and bought some smart lights for my place and I want to be the first one to tell you.....IT'S AMAZING!  If you don't know what smart lights are, they are basically LED light bulbs that are connected to a central hub in your house.  This hub is usually communicating with your wifi router, thus giving you the ability to control smart light in your house with you phone or tablet from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  So if I'm away from my place I can have the lights turn on after dark and off around bed time to give the illusion like I'm home, or I can turn on multiple rooms at different brightnesses all with one touch.  And if you have an Amazon Echo you can even control your lights just by speaking with Alexa. 

Want to watch a movie?  Pull out your phone and say "Set my movie scene" and BOOM, the lights living room lights will dim to the perfect brightness and the hallway lights shut off.  Want to fall asleep but every light in the house is on?  If all your lights are smart lights just take out your phone and say "Turn off the whole house" and all will be dark. It really has to be seen to really be believed.

So do yourself a favor and get yourself a starter pack.  I'm using the Hue system by Philips.  A starter pack runs about $80 and .  Colored bulbs are a bit more pricey at almost $60 each.  Luckily the bulbs have a life of almost 23 years so don't be too worried about that upfront cost.  You'll be able to bring them to whatever home you plan on getting next (through me of course :) Image title

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