Enjoying Hummingbirds In Nyack

Dated: July 3 2015

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Hummingbirds are wonders of nature that never cease to amaze me. They have the ability to hover in mid-air or fly forward, backward and even upside down. The male is spectacularly colored with a ruby red throat patch and iridescent green feathers on his back. They migrate to South America each fall and back North each spring. A little know fact is hummingbirds are insect eaters and only use the high energy nectar they suck out of flowers to fuel their insect hunting. Their name comes from the humming sound made by tiny wings beating anywhere from 50-200 times per SECOND! They love my hanging fuchsia plants, but bee balm, trumpet vines, and butterfly bushes also work well as attractants. They seem especially fond of red flowers.

Hummingbird food is easy and inexpensive to make. Mix 4 parts water to 1 part white sugar, boil until sugar is dissolved and store in fridge. The nectar should be replaced every few days in really hot weather and once a week or so rest of the season. You will read about red food dye being bad for them on line, but I never have been able to find any research to substantiate that claim. I put a drop in and just love the red color. Put a feeder out and enjoy this visual treat right in your Nyack back yard.Image title

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