End Of Summer In The Hudson Valley

Dated: August 31 2012

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The remnants of wild roses are in their final glory sprawling about both the front yard and the wrap around porch here at Wright Bros. (53 N. Bdwy, Nyack, NY 10960).

And the slugs are making tracks. Really! I thought I saw a mutated especially slimy frog on the walk way up to Wright Bros. I only realized after a squeamish examination, that the slime was simply showing the path this particularly disgusting and huge slug (not a frog at all) had ever so slowly and excruciatingly traversed. 

It is that time of year when, much to my chagrin and perpetual embarrassment, all manner of strange insects and creepy crawly bugs reveal themselves. I am, actually, afraid of them.  Most bugs are really rather harmless to us humans, I know, I know , but deer ticks-think of Lymes Disease, Erlichiosis and Babisiosis among other perhaps even worse? tick borne illnesses. Wasps and some types of spiders are also at the top of my list and I try to stay as far away from them and where they live as I possibly can.

The closest I'll come to my pet peeves are at the local farmers' markets where, at the end of the summer- into the end of August and the whole wonderful month of September, those gorgeous heirloom tomatoes come into their own. It is what I wait for all season long. I am sure that the usual price wars will break out and bidding on the heirlooms will be as vicious and as mean spirited and exciting as an auction at Christies. There will be gouging and price fixing and it might get very messy indeed in Nyack. I will not hesitate to send out on reconaissance missions my secret bidder who's telephone number I have keyed into my cell phone on speed dial. That number stays in my phone for the duration of the price wars in Piermont.

I do love the sounds of summer though, finally winding down- the peepers peeping, the crickets cricking and the sounds of wild animals rustling around and settling in for the night. It makes me long for the fall with colorful leaves to  crunch underfoot. I am so glad to live in this beautiful town of Nyack and have all of the delights that the changes in temperature and seasons bring.

Stay tuned for the next edition sometime in September- I'll let you know how I made out re: Heirloom Donna's etc....

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