Education And A Nation In Crisis

Dated: March 17 2014

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As a nation, our education system is in the midst of an enormous
transformation and in the opinion of many, a crisis.  Most states in
our country have adopted the Common Core learning standards, resulting
in fiery debate over it's validity, it's real intent and it's current
impact right down to the classroom and our teachers. Most importantly,
it's effect on our children.  There is much debate over whether or not
this is the answer to improving our education system.   No doubt we
should all strive for better, but this curriculum, in my opinion is
not the answer.

I've written many blogs over the past year outlining my thoughts on
this.  It originally stemmed from my great passion for advocating for
my own children.  My advocacy has evolved into activism for all of our
children.  How could it not?  These precious children are the innocent
building blocks, the foundation for our future. I know I'm far from
alone and there are tens of thousands of parents, if not more who are
fighting the good fight.
Couple this with the excessive testing and high stakes testing 
in our state and invasion of privacy issues tied to inBloom  Then
we have issues with teacher evaluations being tied to a curriculum and
student test scores.   A curriculum that is rushed, unproven, untested
 and developmentally inappropriate on many different levels. Teachers across
the nation began instructing their students prior to being properly trained,
without the complete and necessary materials.  Our children took the
tests and many failed miserably. Arne Duncan told us that we were a
bunch of soccer moms who just found out our kids aren't as smart as we
thought they were.   We all know how that played out.
Our states need to maintain local control of education. We can't let
the government play with our children.  I worry about this and it makes
me fight harder day in and day out.  These are my babies...everyone's
Now throw in looming school budget crisis' in almost every district
you look at. Unfunded state mandates everywhere you turn,  A rebate
here turns into an expense somewhere else.  It's scary and
disheartening to say the least.  We need to stay positive and stay the
course, with the attitude that we will prevail.  We need to stick
together as communities and work together toward the best possible
outcomes and make the best of what we are being given to work with.
So many districts in our nation continue to struggle with all these
different and all very significant challenges.  It's almost like the
perfect storm.  We need to stay vested in our community here, to
preserve our quality of education and district,  Children come first.
Education comes with this.  Everything else follows suit.
Every day I try to stay the course, stay positive and stay informed.
This is more important now more than ever.  I'll close with a quote I
read today; I don't know who wrote it...."We all place ourselves in
danger to one degree or another when we stand up, but we place our
children and grandchildren in even greater danger when we don't."  I
think that speaks volumes.
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