Deer Activity Season Requires Awareness Around Nyack

Dated: October 16 2017

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We've all seen the deer brazenly crossing the road or street or highway in total disregard for cars or people. It's because deer breeding season (October through early January) is underway, making them more active and focused on anything other than their surroundings. So, we need to be on the lookout for them when driving -- especially around dawn and at night (from dusk to midnight.)

It has been reported that more deer-related accidents were occurring because of increasing deer populations and because neighborhoods and other buildings are taking over deer's natural habitats.

A recent  study found:

  • 1.5 million deer-related car accidents occur each year.

  • The accidents result in more than $1 billion dollars in vehicle damage.

  • On average, there are 175-200 fatalities every year and 10,000 injuries.

One of the biggest mistakes drivers can make when they see a deer in the roadway is to veer into the other lane. This action can cause a head-on collision and those are usually are much deadlier than hitting the deer.

Some tips for driving during deer season include:

  • Know the likely deer-crossing zones.

  • Be especially alert for deer when driving on roads or highways on the outskirts of town and in rural areas.

  • Be especially careful between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. and between 5 p.m. and midnight when deer are more active.

  • Don’t rely on devices – items like deer whistles, deer fences and reflectors have not been proven effective at deterring deer crossing roadways.

  • Brake firmly when a deer is near the road – slow down and stop if necessary.

  • Be careful not to swerve out of your lane either into on-coming traffic or off the shoulder and into a ditch.

  • Keep your distance – if you do strike a deer, don’t approach it. An injured deer is frightened and can injure you as well as further injuring itself.

Let's be safe out there! 

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