Common Sense Education NOT Common Core

Dated: June 24 2014

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On Tuesday, June 17th, I had the privilege of joining a few hundred people from all over the state of New York for Common Sense Education Day in Albany.  This was another incredible opportunity to let our legislators know loud and clear how we feel about the Common Core.  We were honored to have Dr. Sandra Stotsky address the group at the beginning of the day.  Other speakers included Assemblymen Al Graf and Ed Ra, who are vocal opponents. Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney was also present and I had the opportunity to speak with her later in the day, learning that she is not in favor of the Common Core. All those in attendance spent the entire day networking and speaking with Legislators.  Even though session has now ended, we will continue to fight full force.  We are out there, growing in support, growing in numbers, and continuing to educate and spread as much information as possible.  This summer will include ongoing meetings with legislators.  

The following are some key points that were shared by many on Lobby Day.....I summarized the document about what we want for our children:

--Cessation of the Common Core itself!
--Stop unfunded educational mandates 
--Eliminate high stakes consequences
--Eliminate teaching to the test on all grade neutralizing high stakes consequences including APPR and AYP
--Abolish artificial cut scores...stop distorting measurement
--A return to local control of education, not Fed-Led education
--Create a panel of a variety of actual educational experts to examine standards
--stop one size fits all cookie cutter curriculum and restore IEP's to meet the needs of every child-----as it legally should be

This is not everything by any means.  This issue, this disaster, has become so convoluted, so mixed up and upside down, and our children are losing.  Remember, the students don't get a do-over.  NONE.  This is the worst attempt at reform I have ever seen in my life.  It is unproven, untested and unacceptable. It was not developed by educators, no one really knows if it will succeed or not.  We have already seen that it does not work, it is not successful.  All of New York needs to wake up, speak up.....get educated and let your Legislators, your Commissioner your Governor know that this is wrong for our teachers and wrong for our children!

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