Common Core Opposition My Piece To The Journal News

Dated: August 20 2014

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The following is my letter to the Journal News Community Editorial page.  Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so why not give it a go?  Let's see if it gets printed.... 

I would like to respond to yesterday’s Community View submission regarding The Common Core.  First off, what I find stunning is the misinformation and lack of actual facts.  That being said, I would like to share in this forum as well.  I resent the fact that people are politicizing the Common Core and all it encompasses.  While politics is inevitably intertwined in this issue, please keep the following  in mind:  Understand that New York State parents have no underlying agenda, we have no funding, we have no sponsors and we have no ulterior motives.  The drive and the concern stems from the desire to protect our children from the worst attempt at education reforms we have seen in the history of our country.  We come from different backgrounds, races, religions and political parties.  

Parents and educators have been voicing grave concerns for years, long before Ms. Teachout and Mr. Astorino were in the forefront.  There is no desperate gimmick to politicize parent anxiety.   We did not recently become aware of the Common Core.  We are very well educated  regarding it’s history, it’s development and it’s impact  in our children’s classrooms and on their lives.   We know about the negative impact firsthand because we are the ones directly involved in the schools, the communities and we are living this every day.  Our children do not get a do-over with regard to their education.  Where is the proof, actual studies, that are not Gates funded studies would be preferable, that show us this is successful so far?  Where are the parents, teachers and students jumping for joy over the standards?  I don’t see any.  There is plenty of proof that the standards are age and developmentally inappropriate.  Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram refused to sign off on ELA and Math standards during development.  Do the research, they had good reason.   
I am also greatly concerned about the blatant disregard for our most vulnerable students, those with special needs.  Where do they fit in?  Where is the research that shows these standards are proven to help these students  succeed?   I think it is safe to say that nobody wants to see any students succumb to a descending curriculum, a descending set of skills.  Students deserve to be taught in a meaningful, developmentally appropriate way.  Not with scripted curriculum,  but tailored curriculum to meet all different needs and abilities, and created by teachers.  They are the ones who are capable of doing this.   
Now throw in standardized testing that is developmentally inappropriate, contains unneccessary branding and ambiguous test questions just to name a few, lingering data privacy issues, and parental rights being diminished by FERPA amendments.   You bet parents are worried and concerned.  For all this and much more,  I believe that trust will continue to decline and support will continue to fade for Common Core.   Test refusals will continue to increase and more and more parents will continue to fight for the educational rights  of their children.   

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