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Dated: August 1 2013

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Most fit people I know have a plan to eat well, to eat healthily and they do not engage in yo-yo dieting. They know that eating healthily brings it's own wonderful rewards but that, after all of that hard work, it is okay (sometimes) to reward yourself with a special little treat!
These fit people have also dedicated the time to finding different exercise routines and workouts they actually enjoy- which can be cathartic while also being a good stress buster. For some people, working out is a form of therapy. 
Generally, fit people think that their bodies fit them well and they do not compare themselves to other people. They know that people come in all shapes and sizes - chubby, chunky, solid, willowy, pointy, ethereal and this list could go on and on. But fit people find the natural weight at which they look and feel their best.
Fit people like Jillian Michaels, consider "sleep their secret weapon." They know that skimping on sleep can put them at greater risk for a variety of ills and they know that getting a good nights sleep is critical for a strong immune system, for a properly functioning metabolism and for fighting the inevitable and usually depressing signs of aging.
Most of the fit people I know have somehow found a way to strike a balance between family obligations, work commitments, working out and social engagements.
The fit ones always eat a healthy breakfast which boosts energy, provides protein and long-lasting carbs and which can also lower cholesterol, making them all-around healthier and happier. I've never encountered a breakfast eater who was grumpy (oatmeal with fruit and maple syrup is my favorite, but I am also partial to farina porridge- doesn't that sound cozy and old fashioned?) 
Sometimes using the "buddy system" to maintain your commitment to being fit is a really good thing. For instance, if you are walking the Piermont Pier with a buddy, you can talk at the same time. Or if you are at a restaurant, your buddy can stop you from eating that second dessert. And a buddy can push you through the pain, exhaustion or boredom of an exercise regime and if you are a runner, encourage you to cross that finish line. Don't forget, the buddy system works both ways!
I am a solitary person and usually walk the Pier early in the morning when even the birds are still and quiet and sleepily rustling around in their nests. When the only sounds I hear are the reeds brushing against each other in the morning breeze and the sound of wavelets lapping against the shore. But I am beginning to think that maybe, by now, I might be interested in a walking buddy. But still, it is so nice to be out and busily about when the rest of the world is asleep.
Know that after all of this chatting about being fit, or wanting to be fit, the only thing a person can legitimately complain about is their height. It is what you are born into becoming and it does not change. Everything else can be worked on or worked with or worked out or worked through, but not how short or tall you are.
So... eat (healthily), hydrate - drink alcohol (sparingly, if at all), hydrate - and be merry, hydrate! Enjoy the summer and enjoy yourself. Be kind to yourself. Have good times with friends and make many happy memories together. And a little cup of ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato at the end of a long hot summers day, could be just the right thing!                                  
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