Clarkstown School Board All Need to Go

Dated: January 6 2012

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I am sick and tired of opening the Rockland Journal News, and seeing another embarrassing article about the Clarkstown School Board.  It seems that every few days there is another article about how the school board members are not getting along and as a student who attended the meeting put it "acting like children".  I have to ask the question, how is this behavior benefiting our children?  Well, it is not.  As a homeowner in Clarkstown, I say ENOUGH!!!  Enough of the child-like behavior, enough of not being honest with the community, and enough of personal agendas.  I say out with all of them, let's start new.  Let's have a school board who actually have the best interest of our children at heart.  What has happened and how did this happen? I don't know, but I do know this has to end.  I have not attended any of the public meetings, I don't think I could handle the way they are run, or the way people are treated.  From what I gather, there is little to no respect for our superintendent, the board members among themselves, or the community. As you can see, I am very upset by all of this.  I normally don't have a negative blog, but today's paper put me over the edge.  Let the students be the primary concern of the school board again, enough of the non-sense.
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Kacy Coyle Dow

Growing up in Rockland County and being a 3rd generation realtor, it was important for me to continue the "Coyle & Coyle" family tradition of real estate. I understand the importance of professionali....

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  • Posted by Kim-Adele Rosner
    Kacy---- I encourage you to go and speak your mind. By the way, I think you would be an excellent candidate!
  • Posted by Harbors Broker
    Kim-Adele, no matter what you say I start laughing because your Facebook avatar is hilarious, nice hat!
  • Posted by Kim-Adele Rosner
    Adam, laughing is good!

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