Clarkstown Central School District Congers And Questions

Dated: 01/09/2014

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I would like to share some of my own personal thoughts and questions as well as those of other community members that have been brought to my attention.  They are in no particular order of importance, really all equally important.  We all know there are many issues facing our school district right now.  There are many unknowns, unanswered questions and plans yet to be made.  Our Board of Education and administration has some difficult work ahead and some very challenging issues to deal with.  So, here I go and I look forward to the answers.

1.  If the Congers bond passes, where will the Congers students attend school during the 2014-2015 school year while the building is being repaired?  Will St Augustine's continue to be leased or will the students definitely be dispersed to Lakewood and New City Elementary as you outlined to us?  And then move back to Congers the following year?  

2.  If the bond does not pass, what are the plans for the actual Congers School building?  I know it has been stated that the building will not be sold, but what are the plans to repair it if this scenario were to occur, or will it remain in it's current state of disrepair until a plan is formulated?  Where would  repair money come from at that point and why would we repair a now vacant building when all the other schools need repair?  Again, just my thoughts that I'm putting in writing. 

3.  There is talk that if the bond passes and the building is repaired, that the board will still not reopen the building as Congers Elementary but use it for another purpose or lease it.  I hope this isn't the case, because people that vote "yes" are trusting that the bond money will be used for the repair of the school, to then be used again as an elementary school.

4.  If the building is repaired and Congers students resume classes there, will other elementary school students be integrated into Congers to balance class sizes?  If so, which schools, and will another school close as a result?    

There are also personnel issues related to all of this that will have to be addressed as well.  
This is pretty significant on top of all the other budget issues that the Clarkstown Central School District is, and will be facing.  As I've said before, and I hope we all agree, this is a quality, award winning school district.  Difficult as it may be, let's all try to be pro-active and work towards the best outcomes possible.  And I mean with regards to the Congers Elementary bond vote and then the district wide financial situation.  Don't forget, BoE meeting tonight, 8pm.    
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