Brushfire Raises Controversy On Clausland Mountain

Dated: November 21 2013

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As more science and technology is developed and generated from more and more in depth research in the area of Climate Change and Global Warming- Just ask Wally Broeker at Lamont Dougherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, it is certain that the kinds of dramatic and overwhelmingly traumatic devestation which seems to be happening on a more regular basis is quite likely what we can, unfortunately, come to expect. Brush fires can and have generally been natural events as of course have been floods, hurricanes, eartquakes-Haiti and it's terribly poor and terribly hurt people are still suffering- and add tsunamis and other naturally occurring events. Then add the sheer stupidity of Nuclear power Plants  built on or near Fault lines with no planning for the "safe" storage of radioactive spent fuel rods, no evacuation plans etc... and it is no wonder that we- THE PEOPLE- are constantly in a terrible state of anxiety, that we walk around in extraordinary fear on a daily basis. Our recent brush with this brush fire which destroyed over 100 acres of woodlands in Clausland Mountain was scary. This brush fire was not just a brush fire It was considered strange for the fall. It was fed by fallen leaves and long term dry conditions not typical for the autumn. It was larger and more fierce, more stubborn than similar occurrances from the past.This brush fire along with the brush fire on the other side of Rockland County in Torne Valley was not typical at all. These types of fires in the Northeast are typical during a dry spring season. Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services Director Gordon Wren Jr. said that the Orangeburg fire was a challenge.

The damage wrought by such events as Superstorm Sandy, from which New York and New Jersey are still struggling to recover from, clearly illustrate the impacts of higher sea levels from this all too obvious thing called Climate Change. Hurricane Katrina- and they are still hurting down South from that disaster-, Hurricanes Lee and Irene and Floyd, the earthquake and tsunami which totally devastated Japan and left Fukashima Daichi an absolutely  terrifying, radioactive wreck and now the latest tragedy of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines all illustrate in the worst ways imaginable that the state of affairs- of Climate Change- has escalated-has reached, maybe even breeched, emergency levels.The seas will continue to rise, the Polar Caps will continue to melt- there is actually a lake at the South Pole- and if we (The WORLD and the USA) continue to rely on fossil fuels, forget about coal here (since coal mining has stripped some of our most beautiful mountain areas of their inherent, wild, natural beauty and we have moved onto fracking- Thank You Mr. Bush and your crony Mr. Haliburton- and China relies heavily on coal) there will not be much hope for this world as we are running out of time. But we are not running out of options. We have more clean,green,lean fighting machine options than ever before in the history of the world. Creating and maintaining a strong research and development path to mainstreaming Alternative Green Energy sources into the GRID is not only neccesary, but the technology is already here. And yes, the power grids need to be re-worked, updated and modernized in order to be able to handle the requirements of all of these other types of energy. Why are we not investing in new infrastructure to transport the newest generation of Green Energy, This is the United States and yet we are lagging behind by many years, from other countries which are already very successfully going green, closing down their Nuclear  Power Plants, decommissioning them and teaching the old dogs who worked in those power plants new tricks in the ways of green energy and green jobs too!
This is an important issue for all of us who live in Rockland County. All of us in Rockland like to think we think as green as we possibly can. We recycle and upcycle. We reuse and repurpose. We turn our heat to low and put on an extra pair of socks or pull on another sweater. We turn the water tap off while we brush our teeth. We buy low flush toilettes and water saving shower heads. We shop at the local Farmers Markets and we carefully plan out and map our trips to the super market and other places so that we conserve gasoline. At least I do. We try hard to be energy conscious and careful of how we use our resources. We are careful to teach our children these basic principles- this is a new generation of children rising who have the idea of going green firmly entrenched in their brains It is practically in their DNA. And they will have the heaviest burden of having to be absolutely brilliant and try to find ways to mitigate the ecological disasters we have created becuase of our addiction, because of our love affair with fossil fuels. These children will have to be the ones to find the ways to heal this planet.
I just got an email from which states that the Coast Guard believes that it will be perfectly OK for huge barges to transport the effluent, the waste products from Hydro-Fracking up and down our beautiful Hudson River with it's rich bio-diversity of plant, animal and aquatic life  and it's specific needs and specific eco-systems and the Delaware River too. No need for an Environmental Impact Study from either the PSC, the NYSDEC, the NYSDOH or from any other agency with the letters of the alphabet as it's acronim. An no plan either to mitigate or to clean up a spill or leak (S) if there is an accident.  Please go to the Riverkeepr website and see what you can do to help prevent this and myriad other problems/issues from happening. We must all walk in each others shoes and learn how to care for each other as friends and families and neighbors. And how to care for this truly delicate, intricate, complicated and connected world, this planet we live on. We can not rely on the PSC to protect us- THE PUBLIC- from the damaging and ultimately devastating consequences of Climate Change and Global Warming. Be Pro-active. Be a Fractavist. Get involved. Talk to your neighbors and find out what is going on in your own back yards. Go to a protest. Carry a big sign. Engage in a little, gentle Civil Disobedience. Pay attention to your conscience, let it lead you, let it guide you. You can do it. And we must do it if this world will be able to sustain itself- to sustain us and to sustain our children and all of the generations to come. Come on- get out there. We all love Rockland County and the Hudson River or we wouldn't be living here. Right? Right!
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