At Last Spring Has Sprung

Dated: 04/28/2013

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If it wasn't unseemly for a person of my age and position, I would skip for the absolute joy I feel with these last few days of beautiful weather we have been having here. It is so lovely and fresh outside with little buds on branches pregnant with possibilities and other buddlings bursting forth fast and furiously in a frenzy of lush cherry blossom pinks so thick and hanging so heavily upside down from their branches that they can't possibly hold on for long. So, really look at and appreciate them while they put in their brief appearance. And the pure dogwood whites, so delicate and dainty, the upwards facing blossoms looking as if they are floating up into the very atmosphere itself. Somehow, some very few of these dogwood trees managed to survive a vicious blight that struck the north-eastern seaboard a number of years ago and those few survivors have since been able to proliferate.        

It promises to be a glorious spring from my view, my window here at Wright Brothers in Nyack, NY.The fragrant lily of the valley wafts in through the open windows as does the lovely scent of the lilacs- and the yellow daffodils which make me quite daffy- indeed dizzy and make me think of Vincent Van Gogh and his impossibly beautiful use of color and truly unique stroke of brush. And all manner of bulb and tuber type flowers just pushing themselves up throught the earth and seeking the light- coming up to bud and eventually bloom- oh the tulips and lilies and irisi to come- fill me with such happiness.

It is a fine thing to see these River towns and villages of Piermont, Nyack and Haverstraw shake off their winter blues and come to life again.

I was much saddened when Michael Gross, the former owner of the wonderful restaurant Relish in Sparkill, NY passed away way too soon in the prime of his life in July of 2010. He was a terrific restauranteur and a wonderful all around kind of fellow who is greatly missed by the community, his family and his friends. So, it is with this sadness in mind, but also with pleasure to know that Relish will have a new, second incarnation as a restaurant as it and the house next door have been purchased by Joe Printz, the owner of Grape DVine, the wine store at 99 Main Street, Tappan, NY.   845-359-2141.

If you have ever heard the fantastic Brecker Brothers song- Big Ideas- great! If not, you tube it and turn the volume up loud because Joe Printz has some big ideas for Sparkill. The former restaurant Relish will become  the DVine Bar Restaurant with hopes to open by the end of August 2013 or early September 2013. And the house next door will become Grape DVine the Wine Store with hopes to open by the end of June 2013

Passionate about food and wine from a very early age, Joe Printz started his education in cooking at the tender age of 14 under the tutelage of the reknown and much beloved by the locals-  local chef Joe Hyde. This continued for many years and then Joe Printz went on to a more formal chefs education and training at the expected places. (And even some unexpected places) He has impeccable pedigrees, but is not afraid of thinking outside of the box, getting really creative having some fun in the kitchen. Joe Printz, also a marvelous restauranteur with four restaurants to his name in years past will be supervising the entire management of both the Bar Restaurant and the Wine Store. As far as his wine experiences  and training goes, he started on the younger side again, interested greatly in the pairings of wines with foods. He took a few intensive courses here and there, listened closely and carefully to his elders and those with vast experience, drank a lot and finessed even more. He is a genius at the pairings of foods and wines- I trust his taste and advise with every molecule of my being. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that he is quite good looking, a marvelous conversationalist and wicked funny to boot!

So, not only am I looking forward to Spring, I am looking forward to more and even more from both Grape DVines and Joe Printz who will bring a breath of fresh air to Sparkill.

La Bamba Groceria and Restaurante has the very best Haas Avacados ALWAYS and simple, authentic Mexican food. And the new Union Street Space is beautiful and open for business. Support the USPS- That's the United States Postal Service- right in Sparkill. Actually, sleepy little Sparkill isn't quite as sleepy as it seems. If you take a few minutes to think about Sparkill, it has more going on than it has in a while. Jeannie DeMeglio is still at the little train station with her business Floral Expressions and I think there might be a little sewing class with a store fromt on that stretch of road between Floral Expressions and the 4 way stop sign at the main intersection. The dry cleaners, The wood burning stove store. I only wish the shoe maker was still there.Support Sparkill and of course Joe Printz and his new endeavors.

Happy Spring!

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