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Dated: 06/09/2012

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Well, we've had winter in October, spring in February and March and now March (like a lion) in spring. We must do all that we as individuals can do to try to mitigate the damage which has been done to this planet we call home. Turn OFF the lights when you leave a room. DON'T let your engine idle- it's noisy, it's smelly and creates tonnes of green house gasses. Just turn your engine OFF. And for goodness sakes, car pool and try to schedule chores, shopping and appointments in clusters so as to NOT WASTE GAS. Please, please, please- DON'T let the water run in the kitchen sink while washing the dishes, pots and pans. Or let the water run while brushing your teeth, while shaving or washing the dog. It's true that the resevoirs in Rockland County, New York are full to the brim RIGHT NOW, (actually almost five inches under  what is usual and expected for this time of year). That water flows to New Jersey- we don't even drink it here. However,  the previous drought conditions have taken their toll already and we need to conserve and preserve our valuable resources with mindfullness and dedication. Know that even the tiniest steps and a do-able plan of action can really shrink our own individual footprints. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Little steps and little changes practiced on a daily basis can really make a WORLD of difference.

Shop and source for foods as locally grown, produced or created as you can. Let the grass grow under your feet. Longer grass equals stronger grass. Longer grass can create it's own shade, the roots can go much deeper into the soil for better nourishment making the grass stronger and less vulnerable to climate changes such as erosion due to flash flooding which we see more of every year  and also grass, flora and fauna burnout due to drought. And it just looks and feels beautiful. If you have a landscaping contract, request (or demand) of your contractor to mow the grass at least three inches tall and NOT a centimeter less. Do NOT mow it every week- give it a couple of weeks breathing space in between mowings and let the cuttings fall where they may.

To save hundreds of gallons of water, DO IT THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY- use a broom or a rake to sweep your driveway or sidewalk, NOT a hose or a leave blower which creates more noise pollution and noxious fumes from gasoline (which we are much too dependent on anyway). The added benefit is more outside exercise for a nation whose population is tilting the scales to obesity every minute of every day.

We are truly in the land of plenty in the United States. There are third world countries where entire nations and peoples are quite literally DYING of HUNGER and THIRST. And while I know that it's not as if being more frugal with our resources here creates more resources in other lands, but this kind of thoughtfullness for the planet not only makes one more conscious of how we live our lives, it also instills in each of us a greater sense of responsibility for others who are truly in need. And, this kind of thinking engenders in all of us more compassion for  others not as fortunate.

So..... let's be careful with our water consunption. After all, we DON'T want to RUN OUT and I'm sure that none of us agrees with French owned United Water's latest wacky, entirely ridiculous and outright harmful plan for a water filtration plant in Haverstraw to use the Hudson River's highly polluted water to be our drinking water. Do we? Think of all the PCB's which will be stirred up, the Mercury, Indian Point's recycled "cooling pond" water being constantly  pumped right back into the Hudson- so HOT it kills the fish right then and there, Entergy's accidents with polluted (read highly contaminated, radiated water) and   fuel being "released" into the Hudson River. There are many releases and contaminated sites in the Hudson River where raw sewage is "released"- there's that word again- directly into the Hudson River as well.   

Go to riverkeeper.org for more facts , hefferinternational.org for ways to help impoverished peoples around the world and soupangels.com right here in Nyack, New York- which feeds some of our very own impoverished people every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

Thank you for reading this.

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