Divorce And CoParenting During COVID

Dated: 05/20/2020

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For the uninitiated, divorce rate and Covid-19 might sound mutually exclusive.

But as the world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic, daily life has been turned upside-down.

People across the globe have been confronted with unprecedented and unimaginable changes and must now navigate myriad unforeseen stressors, unforeseen circumstances, from the obvious health concerns, increase in anxiety to financial uncertainty.

However, one aspect of life that has not yet been fully unpacked is how this public health crisis is putting pressure on marriages.+

Whether a couple has enjoyed a stable and happy married life, or their relationship was on shaky ground prior to the pandemic, countless triggers have emerged that will surely test many couples’ resolve and may also cause a spurt in lack of intimacy.

And while these effects have not yet been studied extensively, all of this begs the question: will COVID-19 cause the divorce rate to spike? Does this mean a major shift in the current divorce rate in America? Time will show but it is very likely based on overwhelming number of inquiries divorce attorneys receive nationwide. 

As parents are going to be spending a lot of time with young children at home, now is the time for parents to co-operate with each other. It is important  to ask each other to help out: It’s OK to ask the other parent to take the children out for a while, even if it isn’t that parent’s scheduled parenting time, many divorce coaches and family psychologists suggest, however everyone's situation is different and parents should seek for professional advice and make their own decisions. 

It  could be helpful for parents, when appropriate, especially when children are older, to include their children in discussions about coping with COVID-19 restrictions; children received information at school and from other sources and may appreciate participation in some decisions. 

Many former couples  are still negotiating separation agreements are also experiencing a heightened level of stress. Specifically, the volatile stock market has made some previously negotiated deals difficult to honor. 

It may now be more difficult to secure an agreement for  people  who still live with their former partner; they may not be able to move out to the separate residence they  found. It is clear that city-wide lock-downs are not good for separated couples who need to remain in the same home, especially for people suffering verbal abuse with no imminent physical harm: They probably are not cases that the police or the courts will deal with at this time.

Susan Bernstein is a Certified Divorce Coach with a specialty in Post Divorce Recovery and Transition and will help you go through the changes of divorce with ease.  She helps clients achieve their goals and get to where they want to be.  Susan helps many clients who want to get out of toxic relationships get what they need and deserve related to their children and finances. Prior to becoming a Certified Divorce Coach Susan earned her doctorate in Education Leadership and was a school teacher and administrator. Her studies and focus have always been on what is best for the children. She is certified as a coach in all 50 states and can do sessions over the phone, or in person if you live in the New York tri-state area.  Susan's promise to you is that you will end each session with action steps to get you closer to achieving your goals and the life you want! 

Susan is available day, night and weekends and her first session is always complimentary.  Group online coaching will start in the beginning of June and clients can choose a series of 3 on either “CoParenting and Covid” or “Getting ready to file for Divorce”. Susan knows this is an extremely difficult time and can help parents stay classy, take the high road, do what is best for the child and achieve their own goals all at once. Susan Bernstein is excellent at helping clients communicate with their spouse or soon to be ex, as well as what is developmentally appropriate and best for the children and how to push your attorney mediator to move the case forward and enforce your wishes. Contact Susan at 551-444-2609 or susan@divorcecoachplus.com for any help today-nothing is too big or small for her to help with and no one should have to feel alone!

Reference: www.nationalpost.com, www.marriage.com

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