Boosting Your Immune System And Helping Small Businesses

Dated: 03/19/2020

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School closings, sports event cancellations, food hoarding. We live in a new coronavirus-induced world.

Here are tips from a Certified Naturopath and a local small business owner of "Shine Naturally Now", Marija Santo-Sarnyai, on staying strong, healthy and positive in the current situation:

"Why wait for a vaccine or an infection to occur? There are plenty of natural remedies we can take to strengthen our bodies against this mysterious Corona virus. We can start taking them now,  and stop spreading it.

My suggestions are raw garlic: just a few cloves with food; tea tree oil - four or five drops in a glass of water; and/or colloidal silver - Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield is best since it doesn't build up in the body. 

For your home and work environment make an essential oil spray: mix a few drops of Frankincense, Myrrh, Pine, Rose, Grapefruit with water in a spray bottle. Spray your car, home, office with it and make sure you breath it in. The oils are very high vibration, viruses are not likely to exist around them, and will create a feeling of trust, hope and peace. Have fun with it, and be at peace. We got this!".

For more info contact Marija at 201 388-4661 and visit her web site

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