Whats The Future For Nyacks Riverfront Property

Dated: 05/30/2015

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Gedney Proposed DevelopmentNow that the vacant land on Gedney and Main streets in Nyack has been decontaminated and is ready for use, there is a lot of debate about its future.   It is currently owned by a development company called TZ Vista which has made a proposal to the Village of Nyack’s building department to construct three large glass and steel condominium buildings along the waterfront.  In the proposal, there is a bit of room for some, if minimal, public access.  Current Waterfront Development zoning in this location allows for three four-story wood and brick buildings, but TZ Vista’s proposal has taller, wider buildings in return for increased public access at the site.This will complete a stretch of privately developed residential buildings all along that section of the Hudson River in the heart of the Village of Nyack.  This has created quite a stir of opposition amongst locals who feel the usage of this area should be made more public.

The Journal News published an article highlighting the history of this specific area along the Hudson River and its usage. It was quite interesting and answered a few questions I had.  However, recent dialogues amongst friends of various Nyack  Facebook pages have revved up the discussion.  Some people feel there should be shops and restaurants on the lower lever, while high end condo units are housed in the floors above.  Others feel it should be a village park area with public waterfront access.  Still others feel it should strictly be private residences.  But one thing most opposition has in common is that the buildings should not tower up as high as those proposed.  And I, for one, agree. I also feel the design should be less obtrusive to the environment and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, unlike the sandstone structure called the “Cleremont” at the end of Main and Burd.

 I will never forget my first visit to Nyack about 20 years ago. I was living in The Netherlands at the time and was quite accustomed to stringent building codes and architectural review boards in a country that has more waterways, rivers, and canals than anyplace in North America.  I was so excited to visit this Village on the Hudson River I had heard so much about.  The first thing I saw when I rode down Main Street was not the Hudson River, but an ugly sandstone building blocking my view.  I couldn’t understand how a town with the history of art and culture like Nyack would be allowed to block the view of the Hudson River.  Once I moved back to the US, I realized that here, money talks and aesthetics often walk.  As an experienced real estate agent in the area, I do understand the need for residential development.  But I also believe there should be balance. We are responsible for the future of where we live. 

I’m curious to hear what others have to say about this proposal for the future of the waterfront in Nyack.  If you feel strongly against the current development proposal, please voice your opinion to those who can orchestrate change. Stay informed and go to public meetings regarding this important issue. 

And for God’s sake, get out and enjoy the Hudson River areas and activities we currently have available to us. The Tappan Zee is quite unique.

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