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"In my Professional Opinion"I have been inspired today to write, from time-to-time, a column concerning real estate issues in our community. Nyack, Piermont, Valley Cottage, Congers, Grandview,

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Sullivan County Casinos

Four casinos closed or closing this year alone in Atlantic City. This is a great example of an industry cannibalizing itself. There is only so much money to be lost. There are only so many people

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Nyack Real Estate Broker Stats

Well, here we are at the start of summer!  It is sweltering outside - sizzling, actually.  Well guess where it is also sizzling?  At Wright Bros.  Real Estate in Nyack.  We

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Selling Your Home and Informed Consent

Informed consent is generally an agreement to do something or to allow something to happen only after all the relevant facts are disclosed.   So, dear readers, what does this have to do

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Real Estate in Nyack and beyond

So how do real estate agents get the business they have?  Well, many real estate agents in Nyack and beyond get their business from personal referral, from internet leads provided by the,

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Rockland County NY Housing Statistics

Hello, Readers, There is some really interesting information I'd like to pass along to you. If you are a buyer, you may conclude that acting now is in your best interest. If you are a seller, you

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The Academy Awards

As I sit with my son, watching the Academy Awards, I am reminded of how much talent there is, here, in Nyack, Piermont, Grandview, Palisades, and the rest of the surrounding River Villages and

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New Outlook - New Day

As I sit at my sunny dining room table this cold, February morning, I am inspired to write about, as my colleague Adam Stein refers to it, "My stream of consciousness". 2010 showed the beginning of

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